On-Line GIS Map Basic Tutorial



Select ‘On-Line GIS Maps’ a new window will open in your internet browser, in which; you will be greeted by our welcome screen with our full disclosure stating that the information provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.



From here you’ll have a title bar that displays ‘Orange County Appraisal District’ and you’ll also have 5 icons to the side of it as shown in the below picture.



Each icon represents a different command that can be used to aid or guide the user in their desired results.



 - Find an Address (Gives you the ability to locate a particular address)


For example: ‘9157 Interstate 10, East Orange, TX’ would locate you to the Orange County Appraisal District office. Please keep in mind as you search you must include the city and state as shown to yield the best possible results.



 - Draw and Measure (With this tool this allow you to make marks on the map as well as notations and the ability to measure boundary lines for certain properties)

For example: (To measure a boundary line) Select , after that, click the checkbox ‘Show Measurements’ and the Distance Units can be modified from the drop down menu to meet your measure requirements. At this point you can begin measuring by simply left clicking at the desired spot to start your measurement, the line will become movable. Once you’ve reach your desired length, simply double click to end the line drawing and the measurement will be displayed on the map.



 - Print (To print the page as shown) This tool enables to you to print any notations, measurements, or input as shown on the page. You can also change your print settings as it may not meet your requirements as the default setting implemented.



 - Search (To search by the account number or property owner’s name) This tool enables the user to search for the particular account number or property owner’s name of the user’s command.


For example: (To locate by account number) Choose ‘ACCT’ which is displayed next to the ‘Search Layer’ as a drop down menu. From here, you’ll click ‘Select by attribute’  and then follow the onscreen tutorial to complete your search request.



 - Layer List (The ability to display the topographical imagery on the base map) Once this icon is selected, check the box next to ‘TXORAN11SID12INCH’ and it will display an aerial photo of Orange County. This may help you in your search for a particular tract of land or give you a better understanding where you’re currently searching.