Don't get hit with a penalty!

“Render” your taxable

property by April 15.

A “rendition” is a report to your county appraisal district that lists all the taxable property you owned or controlled on Jan. 1 of this year.


Who must file a rendition?

You must file a rendition if you own tangible personal property that is used to produce income such as the inventory and equipment used by a business. If you render late, don't render or file an incomplete or false rendition, a 10 percent to 50 percent penalty may be imposed.


Are there any advantages to you?

The advantages of filing a rendition are:

            You give your opinion of your property’s value. The appraisal district must notify you in writing of any value change and explain how you can protest that value to the appraisal review board.

            You record your correct mailing address so your tax bills will go to the right address. If your bill is mailed to the wrong address, the law still holds you responsible for paying your taxes on time or paying extra charges for late payments.

            You can also file a “report of decreased value” to notify the appraisal district of significant depreciation of the value of your property in 2009. The district will look at your property before assigning a value in 2010.


What s the deadline?

The last day for filing 2010 renditions is April 15. You can get an automatic extension to May 15 (or the next business day if a weekend) if you ask for it in writing on or before the April 15 deadline. The chief appraiser may grant an additional 15 days after May 15 for an owner who shows good cause in writing.


Where do you file?

File renditions with your local appraisal district at:


Orange County Appraisal District

9157 IH 10 East

P.O. Box 457

Orange, TX 77631

(409) 745-4777


Or contact:






Texas Comptroller Susan Combs Property Tax Assistance Division

P.O. Box 13528

Austin, Texas 78711-3528

(800) 252-9121, Ext. 1

Text Box: 98-466 (3-10)     





A public service announcement courtesy of your county appraisal district.